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I have successfully advanced the search journeys of Pending Graduates, Early Career Professionals, Mid-level Managers, C-Suite and those seeking to get there! I bring a unique perspective to those who are returning to the workforce, seeking a 2nd Act opportunity or have served as a student athlete in a D1 School.

Here are just a few of the organizations where clients have landed:


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"T"-MBA, Stuck…

“T” was feeling stuck working in a large bank. He was hungry to lead a larger team, passionate about data analytics and automation, and seeking more autonomy to deliver as a business strategist. We spent a lot of time mapping out targets that fit his goals professionally and from a culture fit. His resume missed the mark. Too much reporting on functional roles, with little to no quantification of the value and impact he brought to the business. We gathered impact stories, framing them for his business targets. And we augmented the education section to better showcase learning outcomes, business concepts and special projects. “T” accepted a role in a mid-stage start up with a significant pay increase. He is the client who gave me his Next Business Card.

"B"- Returner

“B” spent the past 16 years raising a family as a trailing spouse. With her son soon college bound, she and her partner decided it was time for her to reenter the work world (FAST)!  We focused her skills story on communications, writing, and project management- reframing a variety of school-facing volunteer fundraising and party stints as work experience relevant for non-profit, special event or catering roles. We teamed on cover letter design and interview prep, with deep focus on storytelling that emphasized business terminology used in client-facing service roles and those centered on Food and Beverage sales. In just under six weeks, “B” landed a catering sales and fulfillment role for a high-end grocery brand in the Twin Cities. She exceeded her compensation target goal by 30%.

Wedding Buffet
Flexible Payment Planning

"C"-Marketing Director, Until a Layoff

“C” is a powerhouse in her field with deep experience in digital marketing, product and project management, and a strong professional network. “C” is a single female- the news of her layoff hit her hard. Living in Downtown Chicago- the economics of the job loss felt scary!!! We got busy retooling her resume to ensure she accurately displayed a contemporary skillset and the keywords the ATS would seek. We also identified a gap (future work barrier)- no Project Management Certification. She enrolled in a Certification Course, and quickly got to work. We also dug deep on the Imposter Syndrome, doing away with that mindset as quickly as possible. This allowed her to take greater ownership for her work and improved the story she could tell via resume, LinkedIn, and interviews. We also made a quick list of influencers in her network- vendor partners, past colleagues, and alumni from her alma matter.  With new resume in hand, she signaled her availability to the marketplace. In just two weeks, she secured a new role as a Senior Project Manager in a marketing operation.

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