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The Full Story

A progression in career symbolized by a new business card!

People often ask about the genesis of ProgressionNxC. Career Progression is a common phrase in the industry- the word selection just made sense. But the bigger story here is NxC! My first client was the husband of a colleague.  After teaming with him on a daunting search effort, he landed an elevated role better aligned with his professional goals, organization values, compensation, and capacity as a leader.  When we met to celebrate, he surprised me with a thank you note and his Next Business Card (NxC). This was a powerful moment for the two of us- a symbol of his elevated title and a recognition of the hard work he performed to land the new role! 

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About Colleen Riley, Your Coach

I discovered my passion for coaching while working in the high-tech and graduate business education industries. It was here that I stepped into a career path helping employers address a central and disturbing theme- too few “ready workers”. My ability to connect people positioned me as a convener for C-Suite Business Leaders, Talent Management Professionals, School Administrators, Industry Associations, Functional SME’s and “Future of Work” trend spotters- each motivated to exchange information, collaborate, and innovate traditional and experiential learning pathways to ensure an inclusively representative talent pool Ready for Work and the exciting challenges that await.


Being a part of these conversations gave me powerful access to the inner workings of talent management and the tech systems and processes used to source talent. I started sharing these insights with students, family members and professional contacts and VOILA, ProgressionNxC was born.

My truth- watching people build confidence, succeed as storytellers, network activators and Search Ready candidates energizes me. There is nothing better than receiving a client call that expresses the successful completion of a search and all the positive emotions that come with it.

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