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Above the Clouds

Guiding journeys to the NxC (Next Business Card) since 2010.



Reach your next career summit today

NAVIGATING a job search is like climbing mount Everest.

As an experienced navigation expert, let me guide you through the challenging terrain. Benefit from deep experience in career coaching, search planning, resume/LinkedIn profile design, recruiting processes and network activation. My clients succeed through a powerful approach to storytelling where they learn to elevate their professional brand by mastering the communication principles of leadership, value, and impact.

Why My Clients succeed
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Your Goal - My Purpose

 I take clients through a current state analysis and future vision assessment to build a rock-solid plan focused on where they want to go.

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Elevated Visibility

I teach clients how to enhance their visibility with recruiter and decision makers by deploying a variety of content sharing and network activation strategies.

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Words Matter

I show clients how to use Key Words, Data, and Industry Terminology to maximize opportunities in both active and passive recruiting environments.

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Pulse of Business

The secret sauce. I listen daily for industry trends, tech innovation, and the emerging skillsets and certifications employers and functional departments expect. And bring that intel to you!

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Uniquely You

I help clients break through the noise and differentiate from the competition in every aspect of the search journey.

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I have successfully advanced the search journeys of Pending Graduates, Early Career Professionals, Mid-level Managers, C-Suite and those seeking to get there.

Schedule a Consult

Meet with Colleen to share your professional goals and learn more about ProgressionNxC's Search Ready services.

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